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The system responsible for moving blood around your body! Including the heart, blood vessels (arteries & veins) as well as the blood itself!

Skeletal Muscle

The system responsible for moving YOU around! Biceps, Triceps, Legs and Calves just to name a few.

Body Composition

Most people have a hard time understanding what their weight actually is. usually forgetting about bones, organs and even skin. 


What it is

The Heart

Blood Vessels

The Blood

What happens WITH training

The heart gets larger and stronger with training, allowing more blood to get pumped around the body easier.

Your blood vessels stretch and are able to stay elastic for much longer. 

The amount of overall blood, blood cells and the chemical buffers that make you feel less fatigue increases.

The heart, it's health and the system it's associated with should be of the highest priority, as it is the only one you really need to stay alive. More than just for performance though, exercise has been proven to improve health markers such as high blood pressure (Fagard, 2006). The same study has shown also that resistance training can benefit the cardiovascular system as well.


What it is

Muscle Mass

Neuromuscular connections

Muscular Endurance

What happens WITH training

The body increases the amount of muscle it has to be able to do more overall work, either with a specific movement or in terms of general activity.

The amount of muscle groups and fibers that fire increases, allowing higher efficiency in the movement or task.

The muscle hold more energy reserves, can create more energy efficiently as well as buffer more of the negative by-products associated with movement.

Fat but fit? It's true, it is possible. According to Roberts et al. (2015) strength and muscular fitness can throw the warnings you might receive from having a high BMI out the window. Even with a high body fat percentage within the first class of obesity, their subject had the same cardiovascular health range as people in the normal weight individuals.


What it is

Body Fat

Bones Density

Muscle Mass


What happens WITH training

As physical activity and exercise increase, the body's energy use increases as well. Body fat is an energy reserve that can be minimized if used.

Bone density increases the more training and muscle mass is on the body.

The body increases the amount of muscle it has to be able to do more overall work, either with a specific movement or in terms of general activity.

Overall efficiency increases, hormone regulation and more when compared to sedentary individuals.

What most people use to indicate health and fitness is body composition, although it should be near the bottom of the list. Once an adequate level of fitness in terms of cardiovascular and muscular strength are achieved, only then should body composition be prioritize. That said, there are negative correlations to having a high body fat percentage and sport performance (Campa, Piras, Raffi & Toselli, 2019.)


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