Training Philosophy

I strongly believe that there is a set of movements that the everyone should be able to do; ranging from professional athletes to the every day person you may meet on the street. To be able to lunge, jump, squat, hold things overhead, bend, twist, push and pull things away; these are movements that one should be able to do without pain or difficulty. Both sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day and practicing a sport for over 12 hours a week could have serious repercussions if left unchecked.

Athletes may need to move with strength, speed, power, and confidence in order to dominate in their sport, but most understand the priority is to stay healthy. Limiting the injuries they could sustain from all the practices and games they play is extremely important. The average person may just want to improve their daily life. Wake up with less back pain, get up a flight of stairs without losing their breath or be able of taking all the groceries in one trip. The purpose of training changes from person to person, according to their goals.

Mobility and stability are key but not in excess. Health and athleticism is an extension of a foundation, the better and the more solid the base is the more potential the person has.


The approach should be holistic. If someone trains but doesn't allow their body to recover they will never improve. If they aren’t sleeping, not eating properly or not drinking enough water, they aren't maximizing the possible benefits. It's not simply about going to the gym and punishing yourself, there needs to be a balance. 

It's a coach's job to bridge the gap between you and the science. Setting what the priorities should be, making reachable goals that change depending on the time of the season, as well as putting into account your age and your personal needs. There are popular fads that could be beneficial, and scientific recommendations that may work for a lot of people, excluding you. A coach's job is to help you improve and help you understand the process that needs to be taken. 


It is my personal wish to maximize the potential of everyone I have the pleasure of working with. To reach new heights where they might even outgrow me. If that happens or they ask something outside the realm of my knowledge, I’ll find the information I need from someone I know and trust. I won't let my ego get in the way of their improvement. I'll continue to find ways to be better, never allowing myself to do less than quality work.

I want to provide a positive and enriching experience. By providing or being an informative resource that’s scientifically based and focused on the foundations, I believe that’s how one can maximize their potential.


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