The Fitness Curriculum


Health, wellness and fitness is strongly misassociated with what's being portrayed on the media.

People have negative self-images of themselves as they feel like they are not muscular enough or skinny enough, like they should be better than they currently are.

Companies market items to help you "become a better person" often costing hundreds of dollars for a device that has no or very little impact to the actual betterment of your health. 


Actual knowledge of what's happening inside your body


Canada's Physical Activity Guide with a few extras


Exercise Physiology

The Plan


The Program

Information for teachers,

trainers and coaches. 


The purpose of this page is to inform individuals like yourself and increase your capability of making the right decisions. I find if people just had a bit more information they'd make much smarter choices than they would have other wise.

If you knew your body weight was actually normal and healthy, that the fitness models or bodybuilders you see on social media are literally dying of dehydration, hunger and hormonal imbalances, it might make you think twice.


If you knew all you needed was to be patient, that a $400 watch could give you the same information a $20 blood pressure monitor could give you, it might make you think twice.  

And finally, if you knew that it usually takes up to 6 months to see definitive results from starting your fitness journey, you wouldn't be in such a rush.


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