Training, made personal.

Training can be complicated. What are the best exercises to do? How many times should they be done? How are they done properly? How many times a week should I train? 

Working with an experienced personal trainer or coach can improve the process and make it easier.

Results won't come any faster but the problems and mistakes beginners usually make can be avoided.


Training should reflect you, what you're like and what you want to do. It should highlight strengths while improving weaknesses. It should only be complex if it needs to be. Short term and long term goals should blend in with one another. Regardless of experience and expertise, it should be easy to understand. It should be firm in terms of direction, yet flexible to change during the process. Finally, it should be made to suit you over anything else.


"[We] cannot remake ourselves without suffering, for [we are] both the marble and the sculptor"

Alexis Carrell

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